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Technical service

The facilities offered by the company supposed to be used in daily basis which makes their urgent and proper repair is important if they are out or order. Technical service rendered in time eliminates extra expenses and prolongs the facilities life.

This type of installed facilities requires the competent technical service according to the appropriate international regulations and the valid legislation of our country.

In IKMA Services Company the proper technical service rendered as per the KONE standards. The main task of the technical service specialists is providing longer life for lifts, escalators and automatic doors in existing buildings.

Advantages of technical service against other similar companies existing in the world market rendering technical services for lifts and escalators are as follows:

  • Competence: experience of our properly trained employees, company profile and certificates approving expertise
  • Use of KONE Maintenance technical service methods and experience
  • In case of need of KONE Middle East Division office for experienced specialists to support online or by physical participation
  • Regular transmission of the idea of customer’s satisfaction as a top priority while trainings and continuous monitoring of customer’s satisfaction
  • 24/7 hot line
  • Regular evacuation training for customer’s personnel
  • Prompt notification of customers related to alterations in technical service regulations and education concerning special cases
  • Preparation of datasheets for lifts and escalators and customer’s support during the formal registration
  • Order and replacement of original spare parts (some packages provide this service for free)
  • Providing of consumables at no cost
  • Providing technical service packages in a few variants for customer’s needs as per his scope and a type of industry he is involved in.
  • Drawing up a joint schedule for providing technical service monthly in a time convenient to a customer
  • Real control while special events performed by our specialists staying for an extra shift and solving problems, if any
  • Adherence to HSE legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic as well as the internal HSE Procedures and strict performance control for.
  • Performance of duties wearing tidy uniform, keeping good housing;
  • Annual higher level audit of the facilities by the technical service management