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Smart Solutions

KONE Residential Flow

KONE is a leading elevator and escalator company. But instead of moving people just up and down, KONE takes a holistic approach to the flow of urban life. Making the movement of people, goods and information as smooth and safe as possible in and between buildings, both existing and new.

KONE Office Flow

A modular, connected people flow solution that delivers smooth, personalized access and enhanced user experiences in smart, adaptive workplaces. Enable a smoother way to work for all your building users. - link for the proper KONE page.

KONE Destination

Unlike conventional elevator control systems which only register the desired travel direction, our destination control system takes into account desired destination floors and the number of waiting passengers to significantly improve efficiency and convenience.


  • The best performance and passenger convenience in one solution, enabled by the most advanced and flexible technology on the market
  • Clear guidance, no unnecessary stops, and less crowded elevators by assigning people an elevator according to their destination floor
  • Attractive, user-friendly operating panels, including new touchscreens and mobile applications for smartphones
  • Easy integration with KONE Access or third-party access control systems
  • KONE RemoteCall™ allows for a touchless people flow experience. Passengers can make personalized elevator calls from their mobile phones.

KONE E-Link ™

KONE E-Link™ is a facilities management tool designed to secure the best possible tenant service quality in the building.

With KONE E-Link™ you can monitor all your elevators and escalators from a single location. It gives you a real-time overview of equipment status, demand, traffic performance, and availability.


  • Comprehensive monitoring of elevator and escalator operation
  • Easy remote configuration and management of equipment
  • A wide range of operational data in real time

Improved security and control through replay and analysis of significant events, plus the ability to change elevator modes and lock elevators remotely.


  • KONE E-Link™ Monitoring: extended view to monitor the status of all equipment on one screen
  • KONE E-Link™ Reporting: a comprehensive set of reports on elevator performance (e.g. number of elevator calls per floor), destination control system performance (waiting times and time to destination), alarms etc.